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We are committed to protecting your privacy.  This Data Privacy Policy explains how we use the information we collect about you in accordance with the law. This Policy together with the Terms of Use govern the use of the Betify mobile App (the “App”) and the Services provided by Us (the “Services”).  Please read this Policy carefully before using the App and/or the Services.  In this Policy, “We”, “Us” and, “Our” refer to Betify Ltd and its subsidiaries.  “User” and “You“ refer to the User using the App, Services and/or website and/or contributing content on the App or website. 

In the event that a link contained in the App and/or via the Services which redirects User to another website or if User accesses the services of a third party (e.g. when viewing another User’s Profile on Facebook), please be aware that this Policy will not apply to such third party website.  


All terms used in this Policy shall have the same meanings as in the Terms of Use and are incorporated by reference.


We collect, process and store User’s data which User voluntarily submits to Us.  This data is used to implement our agreement for the use of the App and/or the Services in accordance with Betify’s Terms of Use.  For example, we collect personal data upon registration or as part of exchanges and interactions between User during Contests and Challenges in accordance with the Terms of Use.  When you register and create an account using Facebook to sign up or if you use the App or Services using your Facebook credentials, you authorise us to collect your authentication information , such as your Facebook username, encrypted access credentials, and other information that may be available on or through your Facebook account, including your personal data.  Personal data may include your email address, name, username, friends’ names, profile pictures, gender, networks, date of birth, country and hometown.

We also collect User data to communicate and to the extent necessary, for the performance and improvement of the Services or for billing where applicable.  This applies in particular to allow Users the use of Betify Credits.

When you visit our website, your browser automatically forwards the IP address, browser version, screen resolution and operating system of the device you used to access the website, as well as the time, date and duration of the visit to the website. We use this information to optimize our websites and User experience.  We also collect other non-personal information such as cookies and statistical information such as date, time, pages used, total time of use and frequency of use.

This data is used for statistical analysis and for anonymous data records.  IP addresses and other information are saved in compliance with our data storage legal obligations and stored to secure data and ensure our system’s stability and reliability.

We may also use your IP address and the corresponding internet information to identify, track and cease use of multiple accounts for fraudulent purposes.


Cookies are small files that enable Us to record certain information about User’s device. Most cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser or exit any websites operated by Us. However, some cookies may be stored for a longer period. We employ the use of cookies to optimize the use of our website, the App and the Services especially to provide the best User experience. By accepting the provisions of this Policy, you authorize the use of cookies. At any point you request further information or object to the use of cookies by sending an e-mail to


Using the App and Services allows User to share information with others.

Any information or content that User voluntarily discloses, such as posting text, images and videos, as part of Contests or Challenges, shall become publicly available as controlled by any applicable privacy settings set by User and User agrees that Betify may be compensated for such content by commercial users of the App or Services without compensation to User.  Once shared or made public by User, User Content may also be re-shared by others.  We may also use such publicly available User Content to promote the App or Services. 

By using the App and/or the Services, User agrees to allow us to disclose User’s personal data to the following unless User informs Us otherwise:

·       Payment and IT service providers, such PayPal, email providers and host providers, who are legally bound to manage your personal data in a confidential and secure manner. 

·       External companies, for marketing purposes, which are in a contractual relationship with Us to further develop the App, its features and to improve the Services. These external providers are also obligated to handle User’s data confidentially and securely, and may only use User’s data insofar as it is required for completing their directive. to respond to legal process (e.g. a court order), comply with mandatory legal requirements, protect the rights, safety or property of any person including Betify Ltd and its personnel and to enforce our Terms of Use.

·       To respond to legal process (e.g. a court order), comply with mandatory legal requirements, protect the rights, safety or property of any person including Betify Ltd and its personnel and to enforce our Terms of Use

·       To a third party, who will be required to abide by this Policy, when we sell all or a section of our business or assets

If you do not wish us to use your data in any manner as described above please contact us at


We use social plug-ins in the App such as Facebook’s “Like” button or Facebook Connect and Google’s “Google +1” button.  This shared feature works so that when User accesses the App, the same data will be forwarded to the social plug-in provider; this will also be forwarded when User accesses the provider’s website directly. So for example, when User uses Facebook’s “Like” button, Facebook will receive User’s IP address, the browser version and screen resolution and the operating system of the device User have used to access the site, and the URL of the website containing the “Like” button. The functions embedded in these social links are not activated or controlled by Us.  Privacy settings can be found on the websites of these social networks and cannot be adjusted by Us since they are out of our control. 


User’s consent to process personal data may be revoked at any time.   User data will be deleted subject to legal storage requirements or if required for billing purposes. However, if User’s consent to process personal data may be withdrawn at any time.


User may request information of all the personal data that is stored about him/her. This information will be sent to User in electronic form, usually via email.



We reserve the right to amend this Policy at any time in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. Should you have any questions please contact us at


Last revised 08 April 2014
© Copyright Betify Ltd. 2014. All rights reserved.